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//Rental’s – Cars, Motos, Bikes & Boats
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Maximize sales and marketing efforts

Car rental companies around the world capitalize on the power of our travel marketplace, the TWA\ Travel World Alliance is a web-based vehicle reservation system. It is capable of handling practically all business aspects a Car Hire (Car Rental).

The system is individually configurable in accordance with the wishes and business requirements of Car Hire (Car Rental). Compliance with the standards allows for its flexible interconnection to any third party system supporting same standards. It also means that no significant additional development on any part may be required for integration.

Front-End (customer website), Back-End (management interface), Database, and XML interface are four main tiers of the system. They make our solution perfectly complete. The system has expandable modular architecture. Therefore, you can most readily integrate new tools, which may be necessary to do your competition.

Is suitable for car rental brokerage business of any size.

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