The airport of the future will be Dubai airport with the launch of the new brand DXB

which means Dubai Airports’ transition from airport operator to a consumer-led company.

Committed to making the world’s busiest international airport, the world’s best.

As the mission to turn a simple visit in the airport to an all new costumer experience.

The new Brand come with the same values of the city, Dubai.

An airport  with imagination, opened to new ideas, differentiation, hospitality, unique.

DXB will be himself a tourism reference, becoming an icon with immersive virtual experiences, containing even more

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Family attractions

  • Live music and art and dance

  • A state-of-the-art mobile app

  • Selfie spots

  • Fashion exhibitions

The airport

Opened in 1960, over the years the number of passengers have grown,

DXB is a dynamic and fast-growing airport that truly connects the world and the numbers can prove it:

  • More than 88.2 million customers annually;

  • An annual average growth rate of more than 13%;

  • Connecting more than 240 destinations;

  • More than 100 airlines;

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

“Success is never a coincidence; it results from the hard work of people who strive to serve the people around them.

Today, we have one of the best airports in the world that maintains the highest levels of efficiency and service.

We are proud that we provide passengers with exceptional experiences.

Regardless of our accomplishments, our development journey never ends.

We rely on our youth to generate fresh new ideas and initiatives in every sphere,” said the visionary man.