Plan a trip in may, you should visit some special places. 

Weather in may make some trips even more beautiful.

1º Nápoles- Italy

Located in Italy´s Southern region, regional capital of Campania and Italy´s third-largest municipality, after Rome and Milan.

Naples is the spiritual home of pizza.

Explore the cultural part of the city, go to Maggio Dei Monument. Is considered to be one of the most important cultural events in Napoli.

Only occurred in May it´s possible to visit certain monuments in this month.

2º Cape May- New jersey

Cape May located at “southern tip of the cape May Peninsula in New Jersey.”

It´s possible to see the spring birding festival and see horseshoe crabs spawning on the beach under full moonlight.

3º Algarve- Portugal

May is a spring month so the climate in Algarve is nice, city isn’t full of tourist and because of that people can pass a great and calm time in Algarve´s beautiful beaches.

Take a drink and see the incredible sunset.

4º The big Island- Hawaii

Big island is the largest and geologically youngest of the Hawaiian Islands.

Explore tropical rainforests of Hilo, waterfalls, Colourful beaches (volcano activity and different rocks), Volcanoes National Park, Mauna Kea, Waipio Valley.

5º Lofoten Islands-Norway

An archipelago and traditional district in country of Norland.

Lofoten Islands are known for excellent fishing and breathtaking landscapes, enjoy different things that are available to do, starting to go to beaches and surfing (or unless try).

Also, try to conquer one (or more) of the epic hiking trails, to see the rocky mountain peaks from a hiking trail in an unforgettable experience.

6º Croatia

Croatia located in the northwestern part of the balkan peninsula.

This country is full of sun, nature, islands to discover, full of flavor, of paradises.

Such as, trails, bike routes, have some relaxing moments or many adventures.

Eventually, in May, this country will have some festivals.

-Sea star festival (23-26 May)

-Secret Island (30 May-2 june)

-Zrce spring break europe (30 May- 8 June)

7º Porto- Portugal

In May, weather is great to come to visit Porto, a beautiful city, full of joy, full of life!

Choose different tours to know more about city´s history.

Sightseeing can show to you the city in a panoramic way, you can taste the famous wine in Porto Cálem cellars. There are six magnificent bridges and you can make an unforgettable cruise.

If you want to explore Porto, download TWA app, book your tour and have an incredible journey.

8º Catalonia- Spain

With its own language and unique local customs you can´t miss this trip.

Get to know great beaches and with fewer tourists.

Tarraco Viva is a festival that celebrates history of roman period.

Lecture, debates, exhibitions, guided tours, audiovisual screens…

Also historical recreations take part in different parts of the city and occurs during the month of May.

9º Lisbon- Portugal

Lisbon, capital of Portugal, the most famous city of the country.

Best time to visit this city is between may and June.

You can enjoy many tours available by different companies.

Sightseeing, watermelon experiences are trust companies that will try the best to make your trip unforgettable.

TWA app is available to book this experiences and a lot of more.

10º Vilnius- Lithuania

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, is a city full of history and very emocional.

Transform this trip even more incredible visiting:-place of the grand duke of Lithuania

Museum of genocide victims; Gediminas castle and museum; Vilnius university; Holocaust museum; St. Anne ´s church