Nature Tourism

Nature tourism-Portugal

Nature Tourism is a Responsible travel to nature areas, which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of local people.

Tourism is constantly changing, people live with pressure and stress every day.

So when they think to take a break they are looking a way to escape from urban life and choose nature over city.

The climate change is also a factor very present in our mind.

Nowadays, to consumers is extremely important, if the brand that they embrace is sustainable or not.

Because of that, many companies saw a business opportunity.

Nature tourism!

 Companies show the natural life and the special species in a sustainable way with zero impact to the environment.


It´s a great choice to make this kind of tourism, a country with a vast natural heritage and special features like:

Tagus Marina

21% of Portuguese territory is formed by Classify areas, with strong natural values and biodiversity at level of flora and fauna.

A great example of Nature tourism in Portugal is Tagus Marina.

It´s a company, who offer tours around the estuary on their CARBON-FREE ELECTRIC BOATS, where is possible to see:

Targus marina
  • Tagus estuary natural reserve;

  • Salinas do Samouco and Alcochete;

  • Sorraia river canal;

  • Modern Lisbon in a different perspective;

  • Mochão da Póvoa Island

Tagus Marina committed to provide its guests a memorable experience in a natural and comfortable environment, fully respecting the contact with nature.

You can see more about Tagus Marina and their tours  in their website:

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