Amphibious tour

Amphibious tours are comfortable, safe and fun experience to all customers.

This type of tours can transport tourists all over the city and walk into the rivers at the same time!

 It´s a vehicle with wheels and because of their weight and a possible extra motor, these vehicles can float.

Bringing to customers two experiences together, land and water into the same tour.

Military world to Tourism world…

Over time, many companies saw a possible business using amphibious vehicles.

It was possible to see people going crazy when saw the vehicle so the companies start to use amphibious vehicles as a way to transport tourists.

Amphibious tours are able in many different places like Budapest, Dublin, London, Paris, Alasca, Miami, Northern Ireland, Áustria, Seattle, Boston, San Francisco and Lisbon.

Lisbon weather makes possible to do the tours all over the year, the company responsible for this tours is Hippo tripits possible to see more and make a reservation throught the company page,

Little bit of history:

In the early 1940s as World War II progressed, a new need appears because Europe’s harbours were in tatters,

it was necessary bring to military forces stationed overseas, water, food and medical equipment so in response of that problem General Motors developed

the DUKW—a military-grade vehicle able to operate on both, land and water.

So the name was associated to a meaning:

D– indicates a vehicle designed in 1942

U– translate utility- Amphibious

K– all-wheel drive vehicle

W– two powered rear axles