Facts about Portugal Tourism

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So, we show you 5 facts about Portugal Tourism.

  • Portugal was elected as “best of Europe”;

  • Oporto is the 6th cheaper city to travel;

  • Seasonality is changing;

  • Local tourism and rural tourism represent more than 15%;

  • Higher proportion for couple trips;

Portugal was elected as “Best of Europe:

Portugal was elected as “Best of Europe” by Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards.

Green destinations, since 2015, promote tourist destinations with sustainable solutions.

“Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation for sustainable tourism.

Leading a global Partnership of expert organisations, companies, and academic institutions.”

Portugal was elected as a result of containing specific characteristics:

  • Destination management;
  • Nature and landscape;
  • Environment and climate;
  • Culture and tradition;
  • Well-being and hospitality;

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Oporto, sixth cheaper city to travel:

In the past day 19 of march, Post office travel money put Porto in sixth place as a cheaper city to travel.

Also, adding city´s culture and history, is expected that tourism grow even more this year.

Higher proportion for couple trips:

Analysing tourist nights, according to travelBI, couple trips had the highest proportion.

In contrast to family, business, group and individual trips.

So, is important to “attack” this market segment.

Seasonality is changing:

Numbers don’t lie, 2018 was a year of changes.

Usually, high season occur in Jun, July and August.

First of all, 97.1% of tourism growth occurred out of the high season.

Also march was the month achieve stronger growth, more 12.9%.

Local tourism and rural tourism represent more than 15%:

According to INE, Local tourism and rural tourism nights, represented 15.2%, number of guests represented 17.4%.

Consequently, comparing to january of 2018 and 2019:

Local tourism and rural tourism had a great increase, 7.2% and 4.7% respectively.

As a result, is expected an economic growth to owners of these properties.

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