2019 Michelin stars in Portugal

Portugal conquered 32 Michelin stars representing 26 restaurants.

The Portugal gastronomy became very famous around the globe and one of the principal reasons are Michelin stars.

Restaurants all over the world dream to conquer at least one Michelin star.

Bring high quality to the restaurant and more clients witch help the restaurant to growth in the industry.

The Michelin guide will contain 26 Portuguese restaurants, six of them with two stars and twenty with one star.

A curiosity:

Michelin guide born in 1900 and the founder was André Michelin,

the co-founder of Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin, an industrial company specialized in tire manufacturer.

André Michelin adopted a Marketing strategy named lateral Marketing

This strategy as the objective to use a different product to increase sales of the main product.

After that, he create the Michelin guide to increase the tourism knowing that consequently the automotive market would increase.

The idea was so good that the company increase the sales and the brand become converted in synonyms of tourism and high cuisine.

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**Michelin Stars

Alma (Lisbon), Henrique Sá Pessoa

“Alma defines like a restaurant fine dining: signature cuisine, informally served in an environment that is sophisticated.

Pretend to be an innovative space.”

  • Location: Rua Anchieta 15, Lisbon
  • Reservations: +351 213 470 650

– Blanton (Lisbon), José Avillez

“We are nonconformists by nature. Every day we aim to learn and find answers to the questions that come up,

drive our development and make us move forward.” José Avillez

  • Location: Largo de São Carlos, 10, Lisbon
  • Reservations: +351 213 420 607

-Il Gallo d’Oro (Funchal, Madeira) – Benoit Sintho 

 “In Chef Benoit’s kitchen there’s a precept: the respect for time.”

  • Location: The Cliff Bay Hotel, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
  • Reservations: +351 291 707 700

-Ocean (Armação de Pêra), Hans Neuner

Upon the crest of the ocean’s waves, lay tastes of secrets locked within.

  • Location: VILA VITA Parc, Alporchinos, Porches
  • Reservations: + 351 282 310 100

The Yeatman (Vila Nova de Gaia), Ricardo Costa

“The Yeatman’s Restaurant in Porto provides an environment of classic comfort.

where discreet and understated service blends with a warm welcome.”

  • Location: Rua do Choupelo (Sta. Marinha), 4400-088 Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto
  • Reservations: +351 22 013 3100

– Vila Joya (Albufeira), Dieter Koshina

“It´s a very different culinary experience right at the heart of Vila Joya’s two Michelin Star Restaurant.”

  • Location: Praia da Galé, Galé, Albufeira
  • Reservations: +351 289 591 839

* Michelin Star

Midori (Sintra), Pedro Almeida – New

– G Pousada (Bragança), Óscar Geadas – New

– A Cozinha (Guimarães), António Loureiro – New

  • We refer the three new restaurants with one Michelin star but there are more seventeen restaurants that gained one Michelin star in 2019.

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